Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Self Portraits

More self portraits. Exciting right? Ahaha. I just arrived home from my ceramics class which I now despise. My last semester of college and theres not a single class I'm in that I enjoy. Even worse yet, many of them just upset me like nothing else in this world can. I just think elitism and disrespect has no place in college classes.

I also found this yesterday while going through old photos. I think the connection this quote has to my life now is phenomenal. When I first found this, five or six years ago, I had hardly kissed a boy, let alone loved one. Looking through every relationship I've ever been in, there has never been a single one where this quote hasn't been applicable for the majority of it. I have an awful awful time with commitment and as a result, it has taken a lot of people away from me. 

It's odd how five years later this still holds meaning to me.


  1. Great blog Kim! I'm in love about it...

  2. Hey sweetie do you have fb? My english isn't good, sorry