Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This week is brought to you by the letter C

I've been biding my time this week with course work, Cat Power, cleaning and cereal for every meal.

A wonderful moment happened earlier when my roommate played Whitney Houstons I Will Always Love You downstairs, and then I played it twice more (as loud as possible with my loud speakers) as my two roommates and I sang along as loudly as possible. A few minutes later I am out the door and in my car half way down the driveway when I get a text from my landlord (who lives on the other side of our duplex) that said " "I will always love you" too! hahaha :)"
It was so wonderful and hilarious because we always talk about how we converse loudly about inappropriate subjects and how they have to hear us as clear as if we were talking to them in the same room and sometimes we do this and sing along loudly to songs that we play five times in a row.

And on top of that, my three hour evening class was cancelled so I went to the thrift store where I was surprised with a 50% off sale so I bought a red cape, a yellow shirt, a knee length flower skirt for music fests this summer and a navy and white polka dot skirt that I am planning on cutting up and making smaller and shorter. 
I need to fix my sewing machine.

I turn 22 tomorrow!

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