Monday, March 19, 2012

Bonfire and Rain

I'm a bit in love with night shooting lately. When subjects are still enough that I can get a decent picture, the lighting is just beautiful. I'm also trying to edit my photos less. I over edit so so so much and I think it really says something when you can just take a beautiful photograph without having to edit it to change things and make them look better.

Well, Ohio has been having amazing weather. High 70's, dresses and sunglasses, and storms! We had a huge storm roll through last night so I stood out on my friends back porch and watched it roll through with my camera. Heres some photos from that and just a collection from the week.

St. Patricks day was this weekend, it was a day of a lot of fun and a lot of firsts. Such a memorable night. The Walking Dead season finale was last night too so we went to the Gateway to watch it and ahhh it did not disappoint. I just can't believe we have to wait until the fall.

I took some photos of my friend today so hopefully I'll get those up here soon too :)

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