Sunday, April 29, 2012

Light Years

A friend I hadn't seen in a while came to town so we went to Katzingers Deli in german village then walked to Front street to go to World of Beer for the first time! They have a lot of beer on draft and in bottles. Lucky for me it was ladies night so there were five drafts half off, of course I chose Gulden Draak with 11% alcohol. After two of those we meandered on Front street outside of Shadowbox where I had a nice twenty minute conversation with a might-have-been homeless man named Tom. He carved wood, was looking for a hole-in-the-wall bar that was close, said I was hot (then said he wouldnt say anymore because he didn't want my friend to beat him up), wanted to buy my friend and I drinks (we politely declined), I asked if I could take his picture and then we had a nice conversation about facebook and he asked if it was going to go on facebook and I said no of course not I don't have one of those.
But I do have a blog!

An unedited photo because night lighting is my second favorite to golden hour. 

I loved this last picture, it felt like we were driving through light-years. 

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