Saturday, May 19, 2012

But It's Okay

Because I can never decide between color and black and white. Today I went to Columbus Camera Group which is this nice camera shop tucked away on the side streets of High. They have so many pentax's and they had leicas and hasselblads and I died a bit until I saw how much dust had collected on upside down lenses that had no covers. They had Canon AE-1's which I have been wanting one of forever but I told myself I couldn't ask the price because I would justify it and I have so many 35mm cameras and I just got my digital and I need to stick to it.

I've got my resume created and I've been applying for jobs and I contemplated moving to Chicago to live with a friend from high school for a few days but alas here I am with no understanding if its Friday Tuesday or the time of day, still living in Ohio. Nothing quite matters and its nice but I need a job to fill the hours and I need to grow up. Especially when my boyfriend starts working this week and I have absolutely nothing to do. I'll go crazy!

We move out of our apartment on Thursday, I am sad. Back to my hometown, trying to stay sane.
Oh, I bought a black Asos dress from Rag-O-Rama (expensive thrift store) for $14 today. Wooo! And I've been listening to Whitney Houstons It's Not Right But It's Okay all week. Next I'm going to listen to Destinys Child yesyesyes.

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