Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CMOA and the North Market

I am officially done with school. I graduate on Saturday.

This week I went to the North Market and also to the Columbus Museum of Art, which is free on Sundays. There was an exhibition called the Radical Camera which was really quite delightful. I ventured around the gallery with my headphones on. It made me miss darkroom printing.

I sold my first photograph ever! My advisor bought it from our student art show. I wish I could have had more time to talk to him about photography but we both had exams to rush off to.

I am finished with my undergrad and it's quite strange. I do not know how to spend my time so I went to the Salvation Army today and then made bacon, chive and swiss scones. The scones turned out weird tasting...

My friends that live down the street moved out yesterday. Two years of memories in that house, walking over whenever it pleased me to sit in the company of someone, is no longer possible. Their giant red couch is sitting in pieces at the curb.

Tomorrow our university is providing us with a free dinner and then we are going to ladies 80's at Skullys. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR.

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