Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bar Selfs

Some photos of myself because it's me and I'm awesome! Just kidding. So the job hunting has been going a lot better this week than any other week. I got three calls! So we will see what happens. I just want to start working so I can start saving so I can move to Chicago already. What if I die before I get to go!?

Oh, I got some disposable film developed. It's just snapshots of friends and us out at the bar but I'll post them anyway because my friends are beautiful people.

And here's a picture of what I wore yesterday to interview at a clothing boutique. Please note that I was trying to be as hideous and ironic as possible by making a duck face.

Anywho, this week has been great. I've been working out and eating healthy and my friend donned me M83's Saturdays=Youth which I am so so so excited about owning. What has this week consisted of? Job hunting, thrifting, working out, being sore, ice cream from DQ, les films, Schmidts (finally! after craving german potato salad), new adventures in bike riding, bars, and more things of the same.

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