Thursday, July 19, 2012

Musical Rides

I have been going on bike rides around the parks lately after dinner when the temperature drops a bit and its quite lovely. I bike past the baseball diamonds and the pool and through tunnels as the sun is setting while listening to a delightful array of music. S. Carey, Phosphorescent, Eisley, Cat Power, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes. I even put on my "On The Train" playlist that I created in Europe which is pretty much only appropriate for riding trains, driving through the country side alone, or while bike riding through parks.

This week has been nice. I went kayaking, watched a torrential downpour, explored new parts of Columbus, went shopping, spent time with my family, reminisced, went to the movie theatre solo, drank wine, talked with friends in different cities, listened to albums. I've been taking pretty good care of myself, its a nice change.

It's also raining so beautifully outside and the rain makes the trees at the back property line look purple and light green and so lovely. What a perfect day to sit inside a theatre with friends for 9 hours while watching the Batman trilogy. :)

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