Monday, July 2, 2012


I made a terrarium. :) I plan on making another for my boyfriends office but I want to use desert plants so he doesn't have to water it or worry about it on the weekends. I'm just not sure what I use for them though, if I use sand or whattt.

Here's how you make your own!!

Put a layer of clean concrete or rocks in the bottom of the dish.
Add about a 1 inch layer of active charcoal
Put your plans in
Add more soil

Glass Dish - $2 at Joanns
Rocks - Free anywhere
Active Charcoal - $7 at Straders
Soil - Parents already had
Plants - $4.99 and $1.99 at Straders
Animals - $8 at Joanns

So easy! So cute! Such wonderful gifts. I'm not sure what the plants I used were called, one is like .. moss fern and the other I have no idea. 

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