Monday, September 3, 2012

I've been working so much lately! But actually I haven't I've just worked 17 out of the last 24 hours, so it seems like it's all I've been doing. I went out to a show last Thursday and saw a bunch of friends I hadn't seen in a while which was really delightful. I met new people and we went to another bar and talked and stayed till closing and I felt confident but a different type of confident and it was nice.

I have been eating healthy (except for today) and working out (except for today and yesterday..). So of course right now I feel awful but I am hoping I will get back on track tomorrow. With work and my lack of sleep I have been making excuses, but I have the next two days off so I will kick my butt into gear! I'm annoyed with my relationship with food right now, I hate myself after every single thing I eat. Even if it's healthy. I've somehow come to associate the feeling of being full with self-loathing.

Well in other news...Yeah thats about it. I'm having a problem with shopping .. I've spent some money in the last month haha. And guess what I plan on doing tomorrow on my day off.

So tomorrows checklist! 

-Healthy breakfast : 9am
-Work out : 945am
-Shower : 1025am
-Easton : 1130am
-Ladies Cooking Lesson : 3pm
-Feel good about myself : all day!

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