Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaves and Things

So I took some self portraits yesterday after finding out some very very very good news so here are quite a few of them.

I've been through a lot of ups and downs in the last few weeks and I think I am still processing it or maybe I'm not letting myself process it, I don't know. It's never a good feeling when you are disappointed in yourself, you know. Sometimes its just easier to tell yourself that life is meaningless and nothing really matters right now. Besides, I'm young. Right? ...

I got the new iphone, its nice to be a part of this century.

Lets talk about diet and exercise. I was on this anti-anxiety medication that made me so lethargic and sick all the time, it helped me drop a few more pounds but I stopped taking them after three weeks because I was tired of having absolutely no energy. These are the second type that my doctor has prescribed for me and I talk with my friends about it and they're like, none of my anti-depressents have ever made me feel that way. So I'm like .. fuck. Nothing is working and it's annoying. And I understand there will be side affects but I just don't like feeling like a zombie.

SPEAKING OF ZOMBIES. The Walking Dead premiered this week and I had the evening off so I enjoyed ahh the most delightful evening at Mad Mex with lady friends and then we went to see the premier at the Gateway. It's so nice seeing it there because it makes it not just a really great show but an experience. Everyone is laughing with you and clapping and yelling and it's so much fun.

And now I must get ready to sell my soul to Howard Schultz.

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